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Golden Retriever and Golden Doodles

Here you can visit with our canine family members, get a puppy fix, or learn more about these wonderful breeds.

Our dogs & puppies are very well socialized and raised with an abundance of various stimuli... kids, cats, noise! 

We strive to produce top quality, structurally sound, intelligent puppies very much suited to multi-purpose homes. Whatever venue is of interest, our puppies/dogs easily adapt. Our whole family participates in caring for our dogs/puppies and this reflects in the outcome of stable, well socialized, happy canine companions. 

Thank you for stopping by, we hope you have enjoyed a peek into our "passions".

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Golden Retriever and Golden Doodles

Golden Retriever pups

Golden Doodle pups

Future litters of puppies...

Now accepting deposits for:

  • Our Golden Retriever litter
  • And our F1 & F1b Golden Doodle litter available in November 2019


Our Dogs...The Golden Retrievers

What are you looking for in a Golden Retriever?
A beautiful animal?
A good family pet?
A good hunting dog?
A good obedient worker?


There are Golden Retrievers that fit each description, and some that fit all of these descriptions.

Goldens also work as guide dogs for the blind, as narcotics detection dogs, as tracking dogs, appear in commercials and advertisements, and are one of the "preferred" breeds of veterinarians. There is no question that the Golden Retriever is a versatile and remarkable breed.

A poorly-bred, badly-raised puppy, no matter how cheap, is NO BARGAIN!  Read more...

The Golden Doodles...

The Golden Doodle: Shedding

The Golden Doodle may be the dog to suit your family best if allergies and shedding are a concern. They are hyperallergenic with minimal to non-shedding. 


Golden Doodle is a cross of a purebred Golden Retriever and a purebred Standard Poodle. A definite designer breed for those that love a Golden Retriever but are concerned about allergies and shedding.

These dogs make wonderful companions.



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