Golden Retriever

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Golden Retriever Info...

What are you looking for in a Golden Retriever?
A beautiful animal?
A good family pet?
A good hunting dog?
A good obedient worker?

There are Golden Retrievers that fit each description, and some that fit all of these descriptions.

Goldens also work as guide dogs for the blind, as narcotics detection dogs, as tracking dogs, appear in commercials and advertisements,and are one of the "preferred" breeds of veterinarians. There is no question that the Golden Retriever is a versatile and remarkable breed.

A poorly-bred, badly-raised puppy, no matter how cheap, is NO BARGAIN! Chances are that the parents were NOT screened appropriately for hereditary defects, that the puppies have had little, if any, veterinary care, and that the pups were not given the proper socialization and TLC that is needed to raise a healthy litter of Golden puppies.

All our pups receive regular kennel checks from a veterinarian, their first shots and are dewormed.

Both parents are always on site.

Temperamentally, there is little difference between the sexes in Goldens. Neither sex is harder to house-train, and both are equally intelligent and affectionate. Both are excellent with children and both make excellent companions.

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